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Ayyappa swamy temple Dwarapudi

ayyappa-swamy-temple-dwarapudi-7Ayyappa swamy temple Dwarapudi  

This Temple is additionally called Andhra Sabarimali. This ayyappa swamy Temple is found on dwarapudi in East Godavari. In 1989, Swamy Ayyappa panchaloha idol was installed in Dwarapudi temple in Mandapeta mandal of East Godavari district, by Hindu Jayendra Saraswati and also the largest Haihara statute, the holy eighteen steps and cluster of temples in one immense advanced are the most attraction for this Ayyappa temple.

The highest business destination to Dwarapudi is Rajahmundry. Alternative available business destinations embrace Kakinada, Papi Kondalu and Eluru. The closest major railway station to Dwarapudi is Rajahmundry (RJY) that is at a distance of 7.5 kilometres. The closest field is at Rajahmundry that is at a distance of 21 kilometres.

This is a temple advanced wherever swami Ayyapa temple and 4 floor high Eswara temple is found aspect by aspect. Popularly called Sabarimala of state this temple is visited by several devotees of close places and people who cannot afford to go to Sabarimala in Keral state conclude their Ayyappa swami Puja here. This Ayyapa Gudi (Ayyappa Temple) of Dwarapudi is found in East Godavari district.

Ayyappa swamy temple Dwarapudi Timings:
This Ayyappa swamy temple Dwarapudi Timings Daily Early morning 6 am to 12 Pm after 4pm to 9pm.

How to reach this Ayyappa swamy temple 

Rajamandry to Dwarapudi = 25km by Road
Kakinada to Dwarapudi = 48km by Road
All Major places to this place Train and Buss felicity available .

By Train
Dwarapudi railway station (code: DWP) is extremely near this Ayyappa swamy temple Dwarapudi and temple is visible from passing by trains. Dwarapudi may be a little station between Rajahmundry and Visakhapatnam on Howrah – Madras route. At side Visakhapatnam is 181 km and towards south Rajahmundry is twenty km.
Road journey to Dwarapudi
By road this Ayyappa swamy temple Dwarapudi is connected by a bypass road to American state five. This bypass road starts from Katipudi Jn on American state five. Katipudi is a hundred 30 kilometers from Visakhapatnam.

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