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Draksharamam Bhimeswara swamy Temple

Draksharamam  is a temple in East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh in South India. Draksharama temple is one amongst the 5 Powerful temples of Lord Shiva, called Pancharama Kshetram.
The Shiva deity is thought as Bhimesvara Swamy. The Draksharamam Bhimeswara swamy Temple is located on the eastern bank of Godavari river. The consort of Lord Bhimesvara is Manikyamba. In keeping with native belief the Shiva lingam at the temple was put in and established by the god Suryabhagavan (sun). Maha Shivaratri, Devi Navaratrulu, Karthika Masam, and Dhanurmasam square measure the most festivals celebrated at this temple.

Draksharaman Bhimeshwara Swamy Temple photos

 Draksharamam Bhimeswara swamy Temple


Draksharamam Bhimeswara swamy Temple History:

According to native legend, Draksharamam Bhimeswara swamy Temple was designed by angels in one night. The development of the perimeter wall couldn’t be completed before sunrise and still stands incomplete. Many makes an attempt are created to construct the uncompleted a part of the wall however all those efforts have unsuccessful with the created wall collapsing among some months.

As per the government of India, Bhimeswara swamy Temple construction was started in middle 800 AD and completed somewhere round the 11th century. The construction of the Bhimeswara swamy Temple may be a marvel, consisting of a 2-staired mandapa and two walls, one within the opposite. The inner temple (Garbhaalaya) created it an awfully profound and cultural work of design in those times. Its design remains a library for college students of architecture. The ventilation of the inner temple is spectacular. The Bhimeswara swamy Temple filled with choked with lightweight and air with excellent ventilation. The temple’s two-stair mandapa is spectacular, and also the pillars within the temple are skillfully and fine graven. several Shasanas (Official & Historical written account Chronicles) are written on the stone walls of the temple from time to time, from legions of Chola & Sathavahanas to Vijayanagra & Reddy Kingdoms that ruled over centuries. The scripts are Dravidian, Tamil, Devanagri, and Telugu scripts in each Sanskrit and Telugu languages.

108 Shiva temples were designed when 800 around this temple in a very radius of forty kilometers. Some purohits have this list.

Bhimeshwara Swamy Temple:

The Draksharamam village is termed Dakshina Kasi. The Shiva Linga during this Bhimeswara swamy Temple is alleged to be one massive crystal that is two.6 meters high. Shiva is among Dakshayani, who is that, the 1st wife of Shiva (also the female offspring of Daksha, and thus named Dakshayani). Manikyamba deity, same to be one a part of the eighteen items of Sati Devi that fell here, may be a Shakti Peetha. It’s one among the world’s longest Shiva linga.

The inner sanatorium encompasses a pedestal designed for the archakas to perform rituals. The inner sanctorum is extremely dark, most that one cannot see while not a some kind of lightweight. Legends say that the inner walls of the temple were once stuffed with diamonds that provided the specified lightweight. Once Aurangzeb invaded the temple to plunder the wealth, all the diamonds turned to stones. Archakas show the walls adorned with diamond-shaped rocks as proof of this.

There is another small temple among the main temple. One legend says that as ages glide by, the peak of humans would scale back to such associate extent that this temple would become an enormous large structure, and therefore another temple was designed for the small folks of the long run. Another legend says that the small temple is for the small creatures that inhabit the land. and a few say that it is the paradigm of the temple.

How to reach Draksharamam Bhimeswara swamy Temple
By Road:
Ramachandrapuram to Draksharamam = 11 km
Kakinada to Draksharamam = 28 km
Nearest tow Kakinada to RTC Busses available to Kakinada to Draksharamam.
By Train:
Kakinada Railway station to Draksharamam 32km
Vijayawada to Draksharamam = 198 km
Rajahmundry Railway station

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