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Pithapuram Temple

Pithapuram Temple, Kukuteswara swamy Temple Pithapuram is the transient history of Paadagaya Kshetram that is one among the necessary Astadasa Peetha’s, located at Pithapuram in East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh. It’s delineate within the third chapter of Bheema Khanda and of Skhandapurana. Bhimavarma Mandalam consists of Andhra, Orissa border at the foot of the Vindhya Mountains. It’s the most effective piece of land out of 9 divisions of land with all types of crops and gardens. Pithapuram has become famous as a sacred and holy pilgrimage, during this land. Pithapuram is equally holy and sacred place with ‘Kedaram’ in North-India and ‘Kumbhakonam‘ in South-India.

Kukuteswara swamy Temple - Pithapuram Temple
Kukuteswara swamy Temple - Pithapuram Temple

Pithapuram Temple History:

Pithapuram Temple, Kukuteswara swamy This place was visited by the Sage Vyasa along with his disciples and it had been written in  Bhimakhanda  of Skandapurana, one among the eighteen epics.  The great writer, ‘Srinadha’ wrote within the third chapter of ‘Bheemeswara purana’ inthe following method. “The following four places provide salvation or ‘Moksha, they are (banaras), Varanasi, Kedaram, Kumbhakonam and Pithapuram (kukkuteswara stanamu) Kukuteswara swamy Temple Pithapuram has become Paadagaya Keshetram.
In olden days, KRUTAYUGA there was a demon king, Gayasura, by his austere penance and sacrifice he got rank on heaven and ruled the 3 lokas (Swarga, Marthya, Patalam). He was ruling 3 lokas by the results of sacrifices created by sages. Defeated by Gayasura Lord Indra and others deities approached Trimurthies (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara) for Restoration of their position. Trimuthies within the gloss of brahmins visited Gayasura.
  Gayasura used to fulfill the needs of those who asked him by virtue of his kind and charitable qualities. By his mere visit, even sinners wont to get obviate their sins and reached heaven.Gayasura received them warmly and idolized with utter respect, (Arghya and Padya) and received their blessing. He asked them to inform the reason for their arrival. Then they told to supply a sacred place to perform the sacrifice. He secures to produce the place. They asked to present his body because it was a sanctum to perform the sacrifice. He united for it.
 They gathered material, sages and deities and requested Gayasura to begin yaaga (Sacrifice). The Gayasura extended his body from Gaya in Bihar State to pithapuram in Andhra State and asked them to begin sacrifice (yaaga) they started yaaga on his chest. Yaaga was supposed to complete in seven days, investigating everyday, from early within the morning (i.e. cock crowing time). once six days, the deities prayed to lord Eswara to spoil the Yaaga. Then lord Eswara within the kind of a Cock in the dead of night (lingodhbhava kala), (Before early within the morning) plumbed “Kokkuroko,” Gayasura thought that the Yaaga was over and moved his body.
Then they were able to kill Gayasura as he spoiled their sacrifice. Gayasura accepted for this. By pleasing with the words of Gayasura, they asked him to request them a boon. Then Gayasura told them that he had no personal needs. except for the advantage of the planet, he requested Vishnu to be at his head, at armed service cavity Brahma, and at feet Eswara within the sort of Cock, permanently. These 3 places ought to be treated as holy places and of anybody performed shraddha karmas in these places, their fore Fathers would reach salvations without rebirth.
 With that reason lord Vishnu is being idolized within the sort of Gadadhara in ‘Gaya’ in Bihar even nowadays. Brahma who’s within the sort of Girijadevi is receiving prayers by devotees in Nabhigaya that is in Orissa State close to Jajipur terminus.
 Pithapuram in Andhrapradesh become famous as padagaya. The primal god of this is often lord Shiva within the sort of Cock. This Shakti Peetham is legendary with the name of Puruhutika.
Pithapuram Temple, kukuteswara swamy Temple is very power full Holy place Many more visit this pithapuram Temple. Devotees belived once come to this pithapuram temple place all type of Bothers forgot and good New feel comes. 
About Pithapuram,
Pithapuram may be a city and a municipality in East Godavari district win the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.
Pithapuram railway station is on the Chennai–Howrah Railway line. Pithapuram is legendary for its Ancient Hindu temples. Pithapuram was antecedently called Puruhoothika puram and later called Pithikapuram. Kukuteswara swamy Temple Pithapuram is additionally called Dakshina Kasi.

How to Reach Pithapuram Temple

Kakinada to pithapuram Temple = 22km
Kattipudi to pithapuram Temple = 17km
Visakhapatnam (vizag) to kattipudi = 118km
Rajahmundry to pithapuram Temple = 60km
Dhawlaiswaram to pithapuram = 65km

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