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Ramalingewara Swamy Temple yanamalakuduru

Ramalingewara Swamy Temple Yanamalakuduru 

Yanamalakuduru could be a village near Vijayawada town in Krishna district within the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Ramalingewara Swamy Temple yanamalakuduru settled southeast of Vijayawada. Maha Shivaratri is conducted at Sri Ramalingewara Swamy Temple that is found on a hill by the aspect of Krishna River.

Ramalingewara Swamy Temple yanamalakuduru History:

This Ramalingewara Swamy Temple  yanamalakuduru has its own historical price (one of the best and ancient temple in India). The Ramalingeswara Swamy is Swayambu.

In the past, over 1000 Saint’s (maharshulu) did Insight Meditation on this hill for years for the sake of “LokaKalyanam” that is why village name is modified from veyi munula kuduru to “yanamalakuduru”. Population of the village is around 50000. It’s a part of Vijayawada urban agglomeration.

Lord Shiva seems as Ramalingeswara in yanamalakuduru village, Penamaluru mandal, Krishna district in andhra pradesh. There’s a legend behind why the village got the name Yanamalakuduru.

Few thousand years back Sage Parasurama came to the Hill in Yanamalakuduru alongside thousand sages. At the time he put in a Shiva Linga. Since the Linga was put in by Parasurama, it had been known as Ramalingeswara Swamy. Since thousand sages were present here, the place was known as Veyi munula kuduru munulu means (monks) that became yanamalakuduru because the time passed.

The Shiva lingam in Ramalingewara Swamy Temple yanamalakuduru could be a Vayu lingam (vayu means Air). Sun rays fall on the lingam and once there’s a significant rain, water falls on the lingam as if providing Abhishekam. Special decorations are done to the Shiva lingam on each Monday and on special occasions.
Nagendra is that the ornament of Lord Shiva and therefore the mound of Nagendra is additionally gift within the premises of Ramalingewara Swamy Temple yanamalakuduru. The mound is at a distance of nearly hundred feet from the sanctum. It’s believed that there’s AN underground route from the anthill to sanctum of Ramalingewara Swamy Temple yanamalakuduru and Nagendra comes daily through that route to sleep before the God. Within the morning temple clergymen knock the door and watch for it slow for Nagendra to travel. Few devotees additionally claim that they need seen the serpent however ne’er cause any hurt to anybody. Thousands of devotees participate within the people pageant that’s command here on Shivarathri day.

How to reach yanamalakuduru

yanamalakuduru has donka road, indiranagar-1, 2, 3, and it’s around yetlanka (Krishna River). And coming main road between in vijayawada and nagayalanka via through yanamalakuduru.
Vijayawada to yanamalakuduru = 5 km by Road
Busses and Railway stations available from vijayawada to this place.

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