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Trikoteswawra swamy Temple, kotappakonda Temple

Kotappakonda Temple is a holy city, settled in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. The kotappakonda is nearest to Narasaraopet and Chilakaluripet. It’s celebrated for temple dedicated to Lord Shiva that was created on a hill of regarding one thousand steps. Hill seems with three peaks in any direction thus conjointly known as Trikutadri. Its four temples, one at the bottom, the opposite at an elevation of 600 feet (180 m). The most temples is at a height of 1,500 feet (460 m).

Kotappakonda Temple 

Trikoteswawra swamy Temple , Kotappakonda Temple History:

According to the inscriptions, the temple was existing even before 1172 A.D. Among many kings who dominated the place Sri Krishna Deva Raya talented massive chunks of lands for the maintenance of the temple. The Zamindars of Narsaraopet Chilakuripet, Amaravathi and a number of other others, have given liberally for the event of the Kotappakonda Temple. The peak of the Kotappa Konda or Kotappa hill is 1587 feet and therefore the Temple of Sri Trikoteswara Swamy is at the peak of 600 feet.

There is a unit 3 other ways to climb up hill. Devotees principally climb up the method that was got created by Sri Rajamal Raju Narasimha Rayulu. One amongst the foremost fascinating side of hill is that from all angles one may see solely 3 peaks and, therefore, it’s known as “Trikoota Hills” and therefore the God seated  in that is known as Trikoteswara Swamy.

These 3 peaks area unit called Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra (shiva ) Anent to the legend, Lord Shiva when destroying “Daksha Yagnam” pacified and reborn himself into a twelve years previous boy and with a good deal of self-discipline commenced penance as Dakshana Murthy in Kailasam. Then, Lord Brahma and alternative Gods appraoched and offered prayers to Dakshana Murthy and advised him to impart the data of “Brahma”. Dakshana Murthy consequently united and asked them to come back to Trikoota hills wherever he imparted them the knowledge of “Brahma” creating these hills terribly sacred.

Since Dakshana Murthy determined strict celibacy, no marriages occur during this Kotappakonda Temple. There’s yet one more traditional knowledge of Salankayya of Yellamanda village who was a good fan of Lord Shiva and eking out his livelibhood by selling firewood. With the results of undivided devotion to the symbol at Rudra hills he became wealthy. At some point whereas activity prayers he saw Jangama Devara.

In appreciation of the devotion of Salankayya Jangama Devara daily accustomed visit his house and consume milk. When it slow Jangama Devara disappeared. Salankayya probe for him in each nook and corner of the region and will not notice him anyplace. In a match of disappointment, Salankayya stopped taking any food and water. Because the matter stood so, there lived a cowboy known as Sundudu with his wife Kundiri in side of Trikoota hills.

They had a beautiful daughter known as Anandavalli. Her oldsters became wealthy presently when her birth. Anandavalli was deeply dedicated to Lord Shiva and wasn’t fascinated by her wordly life. She forever spent her time in singing the glory of Lord Shiva and accustomed supply prayers at previous Koteswara hills she declined to alter her method of life and commenced penance for Sri Koteswara Swamy. Happy along with her penance Jangama Devara appeared before her. She came to grasp Jangama Devara was, none apart from an individual, who used to take milk within the house of Salankayya. From then forrader she daily visited Rudra hills and when activity celestial tub offered milk and part-took the balance.

Salankayya came to know the presence of Jangama Devara and appraoched Anandavalle and requested her to see that Jangama Devara showers the blessings on him. Anandavalle couldn’t concede the request of Salankayya as she was engaged in her deep penance. when it slow, within the hot summer Anandavalle accustomed visit Rudra hills to perform prayers. At some point she collected a pot of water for celestial tub and when keeping it at a secure place proceeded to acquire “Maredu leaves”. Then, a crow came and Sabbatum on the pot, and with its weight the pot fell down throwing out the complete water. Anandavalle became furious and cursed, that no crow ought to enter the area. Then forrader and until currently no crow seems on the Rudra hill.Jangama Devara happy along with her penance appeared and imparted her the divine data. This had in no method deviated her concentration and he or she additional prayed him as God and yet as her Guru.

Jangama Devara, commiserated at her penance and wanted her to guide a wordly life. together with his divine power he created her pregnant tho’ she was a spinster. Unmindful of her physiological state she carried her daily prayers as was common. Aghasted at her deep devotion Jangama Devara once more appeared and told that she needn’t take such a large amount of troubles in activity poojas and secure her that he would come back to her house wherever she may do her supplication and asked her to proceed while not turning her back.

Anandavalle consequently proceeded towards her home and Jangama Devara came down from Rudra Mountain and followed her. When reaching Brahma hill, Anandavalle lost her patience and turned back. Immediately Jangama Devara reminded of her promise and stopped at Brahma hills and entered the cave of hill and turned himself into a symbol. Constant sacred place is currently known as Kotha Koteswara Temple. Anandavalle conjointly stayed there and, within the in the meantime, she delivered a boy. She repented of her action in seeing back inspite of caution given by Jangama Devara and set to finish her life. Among an instant of on top of thought, assailing her mind the fresh born boy disappeared from the scene.

She then realized that her pregnancy and delivery of a boy were of the creation of Jangama Devara to check her reverence towards him. She felt terribly happy as she got through all the essential trails and have become one within the God.

About The Kotappakonda Temple:

Kotappakonda, Kotappakonda Temple the temporal abode of Trikoteswara Swamy, could be a village, thirteen kilometers south-west of Narsaraopet in Guntur district. Its original name is Kondakavuru, however is additional popularly referred to as Kotappakonda or Trikutaparvatam, a three-peaked hill near. Tho’ encircled by alternative hills, the 3 hills, additionally legendary by the names of Trikutachalam or Trikutadri, is clearly seen from a distance from any direction. The 3 peaks are named when the Hindu Triumverate, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. The epigraphs at Kotappakonda clearly state that the divinity established within the form of Sivalinga on the hill prime is understood as Trikuteswara or Trikoteswara. A steep flight of steps cause the hill and therefore the god is found at a height of 1,587 feet. There are unit varieties of ponds on the hill of that eight are set before of the temple.

 Mahasivaratri that falls throughout February-March is that the festival pageant celebrated here with nice devotion and fervor each year and an outsized variety of devotees throng the Kotappakonda Temple place. The sleepy village comes alive on the eve of Mahasivaratri. Edge crowds occupy each in. of the house on and round the hill. ‘Prabhas’, rectangular frames tapering at the highest manufactured from bamboo and adorned with coloured textile and paper, of various sizes area unit taken in procession as a part of the pageant. Most of them area unit sixty to seventy feet high and area unit carried by the devotees. However the large prabhas, rising to a height of over 100 feet, area unit carried on adorned and lighted bullock carts amid an outsized following. They’re placed on grassland at the foot of the hill. Massive personnel, cash and material is required to erect these prabhas and promote a spirit of cooperation and unification enthusing the villagers.

The Kotappakonda Temple precincts and therefore the sanctum sanctorum area unit restored and Bharathi Teertha Swamiji of Sringeri Peetham consecrated the divinity within the new premises. A “View Point” is erected on the corner of Capitol Hill to supply a wide ranging overall read of the environment.

A small lake is formed on Capitol Hill, portraying “Kaleeya Nardhana”, with the sculpture of Lord Krishna recreation on the top of Kaleeya (a venomous snake) was placed with special lighting effects within the middle of the lake. Water flows into the lake from numerous watershed programs developed at several places on Capitol Hill, a mix of contemporaneity with past.

Another attraction for the tourists is that the artificial Jurassic period park with mobile dinosaurs of monstrous size developed by a personal company at a price of Rs. 1 million. Sanctuaries for peacocks, doves, emos and parrots was developed by the Forest Department. Four very important person guest homes and a 30-room choultry were made by the Endowments Department and therefore the TTD to cater to tourist desires. All this was done on a war footing in a very little over 2 months.
How to reach Kotappakonda Temple
Trikoteswara swamy temple
Narsaraopet to Kotappakonda = 13 km
Guntur to Narsaraopet = 44 km
Nearest railway stations Narsarao pet and Guntur

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